1. Chen Yaqiang(Chinese, b.1955)

    From the series "A Portrait of Time"

    here and here

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  2. albarrancabrera:

    Albarrán Cabrera
    "The mouth of Krishna"

    Barcelona. #26. Platinum/Palladium print.

  3. gacougnol:

    Tomiko Yabumoto
    Wax resist and ink on paper

  4. Hassan Massoudy(Iraqi, b.1944)

    here and here

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  5. type-lover:

    The Hungarian Guggenheim
    by Krisztián Lakosi & Lakosi Richárd

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  6. jacobvanloon:

    Jacob van Loon
    Mini Stations I-V

    Autumn Studio Sale
    These five new drawings and more are now for sale online. This is the only store I sell my work from online. I am currently taking small commissions as well. Contact me with any questions. 

  7. Pierre Lesieur(French, 1922-2011)

    Cactus    huile sur toile

    Turquie   1986   pastel

    Arbre   2004   encre

    Saule   1998   encre chine, crayons couleur

    Mer de Chine   2011   encre sur papier

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  8. Pierre Lesieur(French, 1922-2011)

    Tabriz   2003   huile sur toile

    Nu   1984

    Etal de poissons   1982


    Vitrine    1998    huile sur toile

    Porte verte au miroir    huile sur toile

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  9. urgetocreate:

    Pierre Lesieur, Le Bouteille, 1972

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  10. Liu Dan(Chinese, b. 1953)

    Sunflower   2007   ink on paper

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  11. iamjapanese:

    Liu Dan(Chinese, b. 1953)

    Poppy, yingsu hua   2007

    ink on paper



    Tagged #Liu Dan #art
  12. Zhang Qiuju(张秋桔 Chinese, b.1973)

    here and here

    (Source: iamjapanese)