1. Zhang Xianming(张贤明 Chinese, b.1970)

    here and here

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  2. Emma Green(British)

    Strange Pool (Sky and Storm Reflected)   oil on canvas

    Saltmrash (Early Spring)   oil on board

    Sea Campion    oil on canvas

    Alde, Summer Reeds    oil on board

    Silver Tide; The Deben    oil on linen

    (Source: iamjapanese)

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  3. tumblr tip


    Always check the original post before reblogging. Sometimes vital information about the image or a vital link to the artist becomes lost through carelessness or disrespectful bloggers. As always, much respect to the artists and the bloggers who bring their wonderful works to light. Thank you for reading, and happy blogging …

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  4. SOMEYA Yoshiyuki(染矢義之 Japanese, b.1968)

    Sakai(Border)40    境40 woodblock

  5. SOMEYA Yoshiyuki(染矢義之 Japanese, b.1968)

    Stream    woodblock

  6. SOMEYA Yoshiyuki(染矢義之 Japanese, b.1968)

    Sakai(Border)  15    境15 2005 woodblock

  7. Dirk Van Gelder(Dutch, 1907-1990)

    Sunflower(Zonnenblem)  1925


  11. de-salva:

    Abandoned villages in the Pyrenees (Aragonian Pyrenees, Spain)

  12. Kirk Tatom(American)

    Sunrise, Avon   2009

    Coming Dawn 2

    Bosque     oil on panel

    Blue Storm   oil painting

    Late Snow   oil   2012


    Long Journey  

    Starting Out  


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