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  2. NAKAMURA Hôchû(中村芳中 Japanese, b.? active 1799-1818)

    from the album Kôrin gafu (An Album of Pictures by OGATA Kôrin)  光琳画譜   1802

    Woodblock print; ink and color on paper

  3. Marina Bindella(Italian)

    linee sospese II   2009   olio e graffito su tavola

    luce in abisso   1997   xilografia (linoleum)

    arborea II   1995   xilografia (pvc)

    filigrane   1995   xilografia (pvc)

    pagine d’acqua   2000-2001   xilografia (linoleum)

    passo di cometa II    2013   olio e graffito su tavola

    spartito notturno    2009   olio e graffito su tavola

    spartito notturno III   2008   tecnica mista su forex

  4. Stas Orlovski(Moldovian/American b.1969)

    Birds With Russian Sky   2008

    oil, ink and xerox transfer on paper on canvas

  5. Stas Orlovski(Moldovian/American b.1969)

    Full Moon    2004

    Ink And Xerox Transfer On Paper

  6. Stas Orlovski(Moldovian/American b.1969)

    Three Clouds    2009

    Sumi ink, lithography and Xerox transfer on paper on canvas

    (Source: blog.traywick.com)

  7. Stas Orlovski(Moldovian/American b.1969)


  8. Ian Sidaway(British, b.1951)

    Ian Sidaway Fine Line

  9. Nara, Japan 



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  11. Yuri Pervushin(Юрий Первушин Russian, b.1970)

    Landscape 07   2005

    Landscape nr 06   2005


    White day in Domburg    2011

    Roofs nr. 3    2005

    Roofs nr 5     2005

    Four tins    2004


    oil on canvas

  12. Joichi Hoshi(星襄一 HOSHI Jōichi Japanese, 1913-1979)

    風景 (D) 1976

    Woodblock More