1. HAYASHI Hojirō(林保次郎 Japanese, 1922-2013)



  2. YAMAMOTO Keisuke(Keisuke Yamamoto山本桂右 Japanese, b.1961)

    Staircase G.

    lithograph    More

  3. YAMAMOTO KeisukeKeisuke Yamamoto山本桂右 Japanese, b.1961)

    Light Time Silence m-c

    lithograph    More

  4. B-sides turned 4 today!

    Many thanks to all my followers and friends<3

  5. Luigi Kasimir(Austrian, 1881-1962)

    New York-Fog and Mist    1936   Soft ground etching with aquatint in color

    N. Y. Bowling Green II    Color aquatint etching

    St. Moritz    Color Etching with Remarque

    Grinzing, Vienna     Etching and aquatint in colors

    Aggstein Castle     Etching and aquatint in colors

  6. Valerie Hammond

    Swarm 2013

    Pigment, graphite and watercolor on Saunders watercolor paper

    (Source: 1stdibs.com)

  7. Reed Danziger(American, b.1966)

    disclination II   2014  Archival Paper, Gouache, Graphite, Ink, Watercolor

    out here in the now   2014  Archival Paper, Gouache, Graphite, Ink, Watercolor, graphite, ink, watercolor and gouache on paper

    reflected occurence  2013  Watercolor, gouache, ink and graphite on paper

    disaggregation   2014  graphite, ink, watercolor and gouache on paper


  8. "you are not too old
    and it is not too late
    to dive into your increasing depths
    where life calmly gives out
    it’s own secret"
    — Rainer Maria Rilke (via dazzlingchicken)

    (Source: sad-plath, via artpropelled)

  9. blastedheath:

    Zoran Music (Slovenian, 1909-2005), Two Trees, 1973. Color etching on paper, 47 x 36.5 (65.2 x 50.4 cm).

  10. OKUHARA Seiko(奥原晴湖 Japanese, 1837-1913)

    Vine with Green Grasshopper   1910

    Woodblock color print

  11. OKUHARA Seiko(奥原晴湖 Japanese, 1837-1913)

    Two Water-hens among reeds   Taishô era, 20th century

    Woodblock print; ink and color on paper

    (Source: mfa.org)

  12. Jean Cocteau

    Ceramic plate   via

    (Source: mutualart.com)