1. Terri Brooks(Australian, b.1958)

    Horizontals   2013

    oil, enamel and pencil on canvas

  2. Terri Brooks(Australian, b.1958)

    Black White Dots    2013

    Oil, enamel, pigment and PVA on canvas

    (Source: terri-brooks.blogspot.jp)

  3. iamjapanese:

    Terri Brooks(Australian, b.1958)

    Half Dot 2011

    oil, enamel, pigment and PVA on canvas

  4. workman:


    vjeranski: Dot Pattern by Charles and Ray Eames, 1947

  5. smithsonianlibraries:

    Spring is finally here in Washington, DC and even though the cherry blossoms are beginning to fade, they will always look good in Shin-bijutsukai., 1901-1902

  6. likeafieldmouse:

    Paul Klee - The Bounds of the Intellect (1927)

    Tagged #Paul Klee #art
  7. whereness:

    formulate // k.zvonik // ©whereness14

  8. Mohammed Omar Khalil(Sudanese, b.1936)


    (Source: almahha.com)

  9. Mohammed Omar Khalil(Sudanese, b.1936)

    Tombstone Blues 1986-1997

    Mixed technique print

  10. Mohammed Omar Khalil(Sudanese, b.1936)

    Petra I     1986-1997

    Tangled Up in Blue    1986-1997

    Baby Blue    1986-1997

    Petra VIII    1986-1997

    Mixed technique print