1. Hassan Massoudy(Iraqi, b.1944)

    here and here

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  2. type-lover:

    The Hungarian Guggenheim
    by Krisztián Lakosi & Lakosi Richárd

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  3. jacobvanloon:

    Jacob van Loon
    Mini Stations I-V

    Autumn Studio Sale
    These five new drawings and more are now for sale online. This is the only store I sell my work from online. I am currently taking small commissions as well. Contact me with any questions. 

  4. Pierre Lesieur(French, 1922-2011)

    Cactus    huile sur toile

    Turquie   1986   pastel

    Arbre   2004   encre

    Saule   1998   encre chine, crayons couleur

    Mer de Chine   2011   encre sur papier

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  5. Pierre Lesieur(French, 1922-2011)

    Tabriz   2003   huile sur toile

    Nu   1984

    Etal de poissons   1982


    Vitrine    1998    huile sur toile

    Porte verte au miroir    huile sur toile

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  6. urgetocreate:

    Pierre Lesieur, Le Bouteille, 1972

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  7. Liu Dan(Chinese, b. 1953)

    Sunflower   2007   ink on paper

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  8. iamjapanese:

    Liu Dan(Chinese, b. 1953)

    Poppy, yingsu hua   2007

    ink on paper



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  9. Zhang Qiuju(张秋桔 Chinese, b.1973)

    here and here

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  10. Zhang Xianming(张贤明 Chinese, b.1970)

    here and here

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  11. Emma Green(British)

    Strange Pool (Sky and Storm Reflected)   oil on canvas

    Saltmrash (Early Spring)   oil on board

    Sea Campion    oil on canvas

    Alde, Summer Reeds    oil on board

    Silver Tide; The Deben    oil on linen

    (Source: iamjapanese)

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    Always check the original post before reblogging. Sometimes vital information about the image or a vital link to the artist becomes lost through carelessness or disrespectful bloggers. As always, much respect to the artists and the bloggers who bring their wonderful works to light. Thank you for reading, and happy blogging …

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