1. Jared Rue

    Morning Shore   2013   oil on canvas

    Alpine Mist    oil on canvas

    Tidal Inlet    2012  oil on canvas

    Refuge   2014   oil and aluminum on canvas over panel

    Aeris    2014   oil and copper on canvas

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  2. HOSOKIBARA Seiki( 細木原青起 Japanese, 1885-1958)

    Wind Blowing from Mt. Fuji

    ink, color, and azurite on silk

  3. YAMAKAWA Shûhô(山川秀峰 Japanese, 1898-1944)

    Summer (Natsu 夏)

    ink and color on silk

  4. Konstantin LizogubКонстантин Лизогуб Ukrainian, b.1985

    Тропами   Paths

  5. Albín Brunovský(Slovak, 1935-1997)

    source, title unknown

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  6. Hannah Woodman(British, b.1968)

    Rock Waves    pencil, oil, pastel on paper 


    Last light Gwithian   oil on canvas

    Late Sun Cornish Winter

    Hollyhocks Summer Border Poppy Cottage Garden

    Lupins and Foxgloves, Trevoole Farm

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  7. paintedout:

    Anselm Kiefer

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  8. valscrapbook:


    Cy Twombly, Untitled No. 5, (Winter Pictures), 2004

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  10. Erkin(Uzbek, b.1957)

    Porcelain treasures    2014    

    Porcelain money   2014   

    Still Life with Chinese porcelain and moths    2014   

    Smoking Pipes at Wan-Li-tile   2013  

    Balance   2011   

    Moved by Zurbaran  2012

    Still Life with Chinese porcelain   2013

    Malus apples   2013

    Oil on panel

    (Source: iamjapanese)

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  11. Claire Harkess(Scottish)

    Langur’s Tail    2014   watercolour, ink

    Langurs at Bandhavgarh, India    2013   ink

    Fulmar iii, St Kilda    watercolour 





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  12. Denis Sarazhin(Саражин Денис Олегович Ukrainian, b.1982)

    here, here and here

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