1. yama-bato:

    Natalya Zaloznaya

    Chanson de nuit

    Evening song   2009

    acrylic on canvas

  2. Natalya Zaloznaya (b. Minsk, Belarus)

    - Little World, 2009-2010    

    paintings: acrylics on canvas

    (Source: red-lipstick, via dilution)

  3. Bernard Gantner(French, b.1928)

    Vue de l’atelier   1976

    Le hameau sous la neige

    Neige en Haute Saône

    title unknown

    oil on canvas

  4. Bernard Gantner(French, b.1928)

    village sous la neige

  5. Bernard Gantner(French, b.1928)

    Le pont Japonais    1995

    oil on canvas

    (Source: artfact.com)

  6. artchipel:

    Curator’s Monday 130

    Zhu Daoping 朱道平 (b.1949, China)

    Born in Huangyan, Zhejiang, Zhu Daoping graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Nanjing Art Academy. Zhu’s paintings were exhibited in the annual national art exhibition even before his graduation. Since 1998, he has been president of the Nanjing Institute of Calligraphy and Painting. In 2004, he received the first prestigious Huang Binhong Award, named for the leading literati painter of the early 20th century. Having grown up near Nanjing, Zhu’s art us closely related to the New Jinling (Nanjing) School, painters deeply influenced by Fu Baoshi (1904-1965), who revivified the local landscape tradition; and the lush terrain of southern China and the Yangzi River, While the application of dotted surfaces in Zhu Daoping’s paintings is reminiscent of the style of earlier Nanjing masters such as Mei Qing (1623-1697) and Shitao (1642-c.1707), Zhu goes further by rediscovering and emphasizing the relationship between dots, lines, and the pictorial surface: he has created a modern aesthetic that is still rooted in the long Chinese tradition. (source: Michael Goedhuis Gallery) Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to iamjapanese for this Curator’s Monday.

    [more Zhu Daoping 朱道平 | Curator’s Monday with iamjapanese]

    Thank you, artchipel:)

  7. whereness:

    we are all matchsticks

    © 2013 Kendra Zvonik/whereness
    All Rights Reserved.

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  8. Vitaly Gubarev(Виталий Петрович Russian, b.1936)

    Fresh snow   1994


    (Source: russianartparisgallery.wordpress.com)

  9. Vitaly Gubarev(Виталий Петрович Russian, b.1936)

    High water. Protva


    (Source: russianartparis.com)

  10. Vitaly Gubarev(Виталий Петрович Russian, b.1936)

    Last flight   1996


  11. Vitaly Gubarev(Виталий Петрович Russian, b.1936)

    Blooming meadow   1994


    (Source: russianartparis.com)

  12. Vitaly Gubarev(Виталий Петрович Russian, b.1936)

    Comfield   1994


    (Source: russianartparis.com)