1. arsvitaest:

    "The Lily Pond"

    Author: Rudolph Eickemeyer (American, 1862-1932)
    Date: 1916
    Medium: Gelatin silver print toned
    Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  2. Rudolf Eickemeyer(American, 1862-1932)

    Japanese Weeds in Winter   1901

    platinum print 

    (Source: invaluable.com)

  3. Rudolf Eickemeyer(American, 1862-1932)

    Sweet Home    1895

  4. Tom Leaver(American)

    Siam   2013

    Names and Places I Have Never Been IV   2013

    There   2013

    Where to Now, St. Peter? After E. John   2010

    How Unfortunate   2013

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  5. Alicia Rothman(American)

    Red Cityscape   2013    oil on panel

    April City   mixed media

    September View    mixed media

    March City   mixed media

  6. Alicia Rothman(American)

    Tree   2005   mixed media on panel

    Camel    mixed media

    Moving Figure w/Dots   2007  oil on panel


  7. "Empty yourself and let the universe fill you."
    — Yogi tea (via sun-hawk)

    (via workman)

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  8. self-xpression:


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    - I restore myself when I’m alone -

    Marilyn Monroe

  10. streetsick:

    Photo by George Valdez

  11. pixandum:


    "Where the magic lives"

  12. Nikireev Stanislaw(Никиреев Станислав,Russian 1932-2007)

    Spring Meeting    2005