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    Vincent van Gogh’s Letters

    Translated extracts from the letters:

    Small pear tree in blossom (1888), and letter to his brother Theo (images 3 and 4): ”…The small pear tree has a purple trunk and white flowers, a large yellow butterfly on one of the clumps.

    On the left, in the corner, a little garden with a border of yellow reeds and green bushes and a flowerbed. A small pink house.

    So there are the details of the decoration of orchards in blossom, which I was intending for you.

    But the last 3 canvases exist only in a provisional state, and are supposed to represent a very large orchard with a border of cypresses and large pear trees and apple trees.”

     Field with flowers near Arles (1888), and letter to his brother Theo (images 5 and 6): "…If they don’t mow the meadow I’d like to do this study again, because the subject matter was really beautiful and I had trouble finding the composition. A little town surrounded by countryside entirely covered in yellow and purple flowers. That would really be a Japanese dream, you know."

     Detail from The Sower (1888) with van Gogh’s letter to his brother Theo (images 7 and 8): "…Here’s a croquis of the latest canvas I’m working on, another sower. Immense lemon yellow disc for the sun. Green-yellow sky with pink clouds. The field is violet, the sower and the tree Prussian Blue." 

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  3. Kent Krugh(American, b.1955)

    Angel Oak #10

    Angel Oak #7

    Angel Oak #29

    Angel Oak #9

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  7. KITAMURA Junko(北村 純子 Japanese, b.1956)

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  8. Robert Sperry(American, 1927-1998)

    Plate #927   1989

    Stoneware, clay, glaze

  9. Robert Sperry(American, 1927-1998)


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    Robert Sperry