1. Igor Shipilin(Игорь Шипилин Russian, b.1961)


    (Source: fl.ru)

  2. Igor Shipilin(Игорь Шипилин Russian, b.1961)


  3. Stanisław Baj(Polish, b.1953)

    here, herehere and here

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  4. Victoria Crowe(British, b.1945)

    Considered Silence    oil on linen

    Moonlit   oil on board

    Echo Trace   oil on linen

    Green Gladioli   oil on board

    Quince and Hydrangea   oil on board

    Thoughts on the City   mixed media on conservation board  2012

    Flora-Pompeii    mixed media on conservation board

    Attraction   oil on board   2011/2012

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  5. Sarah HOROWITZ(American)

    from the book "Effigies"    2012

    Poem by Paul Auster. Sumi ink drawing on hand-dyed kozo paper by Sarah Horowitz.    via    also

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  6. CHEN Jiang Hong陈江洪 Chinese, b.1963 Based in Paris since 1987)

    here and here

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  8. Guido Navaretti(Italian)

    VALICO  1984   Disegno inchiostro su carta

    OFFERTA AD AGNI   2012   Bulino su Plexiglas (stampa alta)

    INTERTIDALE   1988   Bulino su zinco

    SELF MADE LEDA    1981   Disegno inchiostro su carta 


    (Source: iamjapanese)

  9. Richard Eurich(British, 1903-1992)

    The Long Barrow   1965

    oil on canvas

  10. blastedheath:

    Richard Eurich (English, 1903-1992), The Road to Grassington, 1971. Oil on board, 16 x 20 in.

  11. Alan Reynolds(British, b.1926)

    Dusk, the Outbuildings     1957     Oil on hardboard

    Novemberscape     1956    Oil on board

    Poem, Strange November     ink, watercolour and bodycolour

    Sunset    1956   Oil on wood

    Polyphonic Autumn   1954    Oil on canvas

    Outbuildings, Pastoral    1952   Oil on cardboard

    Summer: Young September’s Cornfield    1954    Oil paint on hardboard

    (Source: iamjapanese)

  12. Ernesto Caivano(Spanish, b.1972)

    Floral Veins, and Conduits: 006    2006     

    Floral Veins, and Conduits: 099    2006

    Floral Veins, and Conduits: 009    2006

    Floral Veins, and Conduits: 088    2006

    Ink and graphite on paper

    Brief Tangle with Rope    2004    

    Flight Entanglements    2004

    Dashing Screens    2004

    ink on paper

    (Source: iamjapanese)