1. Barnaby Hosking(British, b.1976)

    The Guest (Dalston Mill) 2014 

    Tree Line (detail)   2014   

    Tree Smoke   2014

    Bark, reversed (Japanese velvet)    2014

    Gate (blue)   2014

    Rain On Door   2014

    Silkscreen using bleach on velvet

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  2. foxesinbreeches:

    From Sasuke, My Dear Cat by Masahisa Fukase, 1979

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  3. maihudson:

    Constantin Brâncuși, Sculpture for the Blind (Beginning of the World), 1916.

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  5. Maximilian Voloshin(Максимилиан Волошин Russian, 1877-1932)

    here, here and here

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  6. russian-style:

    Water-colours by  Russian symbolist poet Maximilian Voloshin, 1910th-1920th

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  7. Andrew Scott George(British, b.1952)

    The Knave, Gower   Egg Tempera on Panel

    Above the Swyre, Dorset    2005    Tempera on board

    Flowers Barrow, Dorset      Egg Tempera on Panel

    Wednesday Morning, Gower    Egg Tempera on Panel

    Parkhouse Hill, Derbyshire

    Yr Wyddfa, Snowdonia     Egg Tempera on Gesso Panel

    Glen Uig    Egg Tempera on Panel

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  8. Safet Zec(Bosnian, b.1943)

    Sotto l’albero    1994    acquaforte, puntasecca

    Bentbaša    1997   acquaforte, puntasecca

    Tavolo Rosso    1996    acquatinta, puntasecca e collage

    Tre finestre    2010   acquaforte, puntasecca

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  9. Jean Cocteau(French, 1889-1963)

    Untitled    1930


  10. David Hockney(British, b.1937)

    The Bell Tower   1969

    etching, aquatint

    From the Story The Boy who Left Home to Learn Fear. For Six Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm

  11. David Hockney(British, b.1937)

    The Rose and the Rose Talk    1969


    From the Story Fundevogel. For Six Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm

  12. Terry Willson(British, b.1948)

    Interior No.5   1974