1. Isabel Ramoneda(Catalan, b.1960)


  2. Isabel Ramoneda(Catalan, b.1960)


  4. laurabfernandez:


    I decided to participate in the Picglaze Photo Prize with this image.

    Please vote me if you may,here. Reblogs would be verrrrrrry much appreciated too,of course.

    Thank you in advance,this is the first time I do something of the sort,wish me luck and help me voting!



    A massive thank you to the amazing response to my “help voting” call.

    I´m totally blown away,never thought it was gonna get so many hits. To all those who liked,reblogged (some very dear friends here among them),”artists on tumblr” and “art” editors,great photography blogs like Luxlit and Lensbr-Network….all my gratitude.

    Why reblog myself? This is the first time I do it. Here´s what happens: I got possibilities of winning this contest,and I need all the help I can get. I mean getting your photo featured  in a travelling exhibit,with the works of people like Ouka Leele worths the reblog don´t you think? 

    So,PLEASE,if you like my photo,will you vote? It takes barely a minute and you only need to confirm the vote through email (they won´t spam you afterwards I swear). 

    Go to the link above and find my pic,I´m Laura B. Fernández and the pic is titled “El siguiente paso guiará nuestras vidas”.

    In advance,and again,THANK YOU!!!!!!!


  5. Roman Sustov(Роман Сустов Belarusian, b.1977)

    Men and the Moon     2002

    Eclipse    2002

    Letter    2002


  6. gfdgdffhfghtt:

    Batholith Etching, 2010 by Eben Goff, aluminum plate monoprint on Rives BFK, in welded aluminum frame, 55.9 x 76.2 cm

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    Tagged #Eben Goff #art
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    Constantine Inal-Ipa

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  9. artpropelled:

    Constantine Inal-Ipa

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    within dream #4
    jeremy blake

  11. Ch’ng Kiah Kiean(莊嘉強 Malaysian, b.1974)

    Goddess of Mercy Temple, Pitt Street   觀音亭 

    Eng Loh Hotel, Church Street   鶯羅茶室冷氣旅社 

    India House, Church Street Ghaut

    Gateway to Cheah Kongsi   謝公司入口門樓「春草池塘」

    Chinese ink and watercolour on paper

    朱銘美術館 I

    Chinese ink on paper

  12. Ch’ng Kiah Kiean(莊嘉強 Malaysian, b.1974)

    Muntri Mews  馬車房 

    Chinese ink and watercolour on paper