1. Fred Cuming(British)

    Studio Window    1986


  2. Fred Cuming(British)



  3. TAKANE Kyoko(Japanese, b.1969)

    Nape of the Hill II     2012 

    Interlace III    2012 

    Sumi on Japanese paper

  5. de-salva:

    Isamu Noguchi with his calligraphy of Yone Noguchi’s poem “Kane ga naru” (1950.)

    「鐘が鳴る かねがなるこれを即ち 警鐘と言うのです これがなると皆ねます さあみんな 眠りましょう」野口米次郎  via(in Japanese)

  6. de-salva:

    Isamu Noguchi - Marriage (ceramic, 1952.)

  7. Abraham Bloemaert(Dutch, 1566-1651)

    Studies of Two Pollard Willows; Verso: Wide Landscape Prospect

    late 16th–mid-17th century

    Pen and brown ink, watercolor, traces of black chalk, framing line in pen and brown ink; verso black chalk and watercolor

  8. 1910-again:

    Piet Mondrian, Farmstead along the water Screened by Nine Tall Trees c.1905

    (via blastedheath)

  9. Carla Ciuffo

    Tender Mercies

    Joyful Noise   

    Leaps of Faith

    Ghost Ship

    Before the Storm

    One of a Kind
 Archival Pigment Print on Cotton Rag

    (Source: tinneycontemporary.com)

  10. yama-bato:

    Patrick Van Caeckenbergh


  11. Drawings of Old Trees by Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, 2010

    In his mysterious, baroque oeuvre Patrick Van Caeckenbergh (°1960, Aalst, Belgium) depicts the world and his own environment.

    In 2010, he embarked on a project known as The Old in Years, an ever-expanding series of drawings based on pictures of old trees, a detailed record of wise trees of life drawn with seemingly photographic realism. [ftp]

    pentel 120 3DX - 0,5 mm A315 on paper

    (Source: frenchtwist, via yama-bato)

  12. de-salva:

    Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski) is resting on the porch of his house