1. UTAGAWA Hiroshige(ICHIRYUSAI Hiroshige, 歌川 広重 Japanese, 1797-1858)

    Evening Rain at Karasaki    唐崎夜雨 1834?

    the finest design from the set: Omi hakkei no uchi, “Eight Views in Omi Province.” The series of eight prints was published by Hoeido and Eikyudo, c. 1834-5. When first published it was advertised as a “work in black and white, lightly coloured, “ and Hiroshige was never to surpass the ethereal quality that these figureless landscapes possess. The theme “Eight Views” was borrowed from Chinese poetry and each print conveys pictorially the poem written in the square label at the top right. Beside it, in a red label, is the series title. …..via

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    UTAGAWA Hiroshige(ICHIRYUSAI Hiroshige, 歌川 広重 Japanese, 1797-1858) Evening Rain at Karasaki 唐崎夜雨 1834?
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