2. Michael Kenna

    Golden Gate Bridge, Study 16, San Francisco, California, USA  2009

    sepia toned gsp

  4. mondonoir:

    Michael Kenna, Dawn - Richmond Park - Surrey - England (1979); and Broughton Castle - Oxfordshire - England (1977)

    2 gelatin silver prints. 1980; 1981 +

    and +   Thanks to mondonoir

  5. Michael Kenna

    Chardons Bleus

    Chez Martine, Bargeme, France, 2011

  6. Michael Kenna

    Berries and Falling Snow / Baies et Flocons de neige

    Furano, Hokkaido, Japan, 2004

  7. Michael Kenna

    Tree Shadow / L’Ombre d’un arbre

    Kirishimajinja, Kyushu, Japan, 2002

  8. Michael Kenna

    Nine Birds / Neuf oiseaux

    Taisha Shrine, Honshu, Japan, 2001

  9. Michael Kenna

    Lace Factories, Study 29   Calais, France, 1998

     sepia toned silver gelatin print

  10. Michael Kenna

    Lace Factories, Study 21 / Fabriques de dentelles, étude 21

    Calais, France, 1998

  11. proustitute:

    Michael Kenna, Lace Factories, Study 23, Calais, France

    “I might have guessed from the order in which
    you turned up before me

    and from the way I kept looking at you
    as though I recognized something in you
    that you were all words out of one language
    tracks of the same creature”

    — W. S. Merwin, from “To the Black Spaces

  12. undr:

    Michael Kenna
    from the series Silent World

    (via benjaminhilts)