1. ITŌ Jakuchū(伊藤 若冲 Japanese, 1716-1800

    Chrysanthemums beside a Stream  菊花流水図 

    painted in thick colours on silk

  2. Itō Jakuchū(伊藤若冲 Japanese, 1716-1800)

    Peony flower & butterflies   芍薬群蝶図 1757

    ink and color on silk

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  3. Itō Jakuchū(伊藤若冲 Japanese, 1716-1800)

    White Plum Blossoms in Moonlight   月夜白梅図

    silk, ink and color

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  4. Jakuchu Ito(伊藤若冲 Japanese, 1716-1800)

    Cranes, one of a pair

    Ink on paper

  5. Jakuchu Ito(伊藤若冲 Japanese, 1716-1800)


    Ink on paper

  6. 伊藤若冲 Jakuchu Ito

  7. 伊藤若冲 Jakuchu Ito

  8. ajourneyroundmyskull:

    Jakuchu Ito 1715-1800 - Birds, Cat and Dog (print, 1900-ish). Leftover from my Strange Parameters post.

    (Source: 50watts)

  9. by 伊藤若冲(1716-1800)Jakuchu Ito

    旭日鳳凰図 Phoenixes and the Rising Sun(detail)1755



  10. by 伊藤若冲(1716-1800) Jakuchu Ito


  11. by 伊藤若冲  Jakuchu Ito

  12. by 伊藤若冲  Jakuchu Ito