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    -Patti Smith, Because the Night-

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    Dave Gahr     Patti Smith, New York City     1971

    “There were days, rainy gray days, when the streets of Brooklyn were worthy of a photograph, every window the lens of a Leica, the view grainy and immoble. We gathered our colored pencils and sheets of paper and drew like wild, feral children into the night, until, exhausted, we fell into bed. We lay in each other’s arms, still awkward but happy, exchanging breathless kisses into sleep.” Patti Smith, “Just Kids” 2010

  3. Maurizio Galimberti(Italian, b.1956)

    "PATTI SMITH"  2011

  4. Patti Smith(American, b.1946)   

    Self-portrait titled “Bird Head”   1973

    ink on paper   also

  5. Patti Smith(American, b.1946)   

    Self Portlait    also

    Thanks to artistandstudiobeverleyshiller, goodmemory

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    Virginia Woolf’s desk by Patti Smith.

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    Tamburine made by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1967, as a gift to Patti Smith — later became the cover of her album “Twelve”. Photograph by Steven Sebring, from the project Object Of Life.

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    Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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    autoportrait © Patti Smith