1. takahikohayashi:

    D-0000.untitled drawing1983
    林孝彦 HAYASHI Takahiko 1983

  2. takahikohayashi:

    painting on Gampi paper
    林孝彦 HAYASHI Takahiko 2001

  3. takahikohayashi:

    HAYASHI Takahiko 
    painting on paper 

  4. takahikohayashi:

    HAYASHI Takahiko
    a wood plate for print 2012  

  5. artchipel:

    Tumblr Artist

    Takahiko Hayashi | on Tumblr (b.1961, Japan) - The Unformed Figure - Flexible Objects. Print etching, 24x18 inches (2010) / 徳山村考-夜を放つものたち

    Takahiko Hayashi diligently works at creating masterfully bold abstractions, often with vibrant color. His work has a mystical quality and the titles reflect interest in philosophy “Considering Lao-Tse” as well as natural phenomena “The Spinning Wind”. (cf. RenBrown) “I try to create something from nothing. I try to capture negative to represent positive. I try to express the present with history, and east and west. It is when objects exist that nothingness can be recognized for the first time. That’s why wind attracts me. And Tokuyama village in Gifu prefecture, Lao-Tse, and Enku greatly influence my thought processes”, says Takahiko Hayashi. Please visit artist’s Tumblr for more work.

    [more Takahiko Hayashi | artist found at iamjapanese]

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  6. takahikohayashi:

    HAYASHI Takahiko
    The Melting Chain-A Contemporary Privacy
     60.0 x 49.5cm
     copperplate print with chine colle’( etching)

  7. outtsidethelines:

    Takahiko Hayashi

    (via huamao)

  8. Takahiko Hayashi(林 孝彦 Japanese, b.1961)

    D−20, Feb  1992

    Oil paint, dyeing

  9. Takahiko Hayashi(林 孝彦 b.1961)

    Emitting for Stars  2010

    etching, wood engraving with acrylic and collage 

  10. Takahiko Hayashi(林 孝彦 b.1961)

    Blue Jasper Wind  


  11. Takahiko Hayashi(林 孝彦 b.1961)

    Insoluble Sky  2009


  12. Takahiko Hayashi(林 孝彦 b.1961)

    The Chaining Wall - Expanding Mass  1999