1. Christine Koch(Canadian, b.1959)

    NOCTURNE: LABRADOR GORGE    acrylic on paper

    NOCTURNE: BIG LAND    acrylic on paper

    TABLELANDS DREAMING   2011-23   mixed media varied edition linocut

    LANDSCAPE DREAMING: LABRADOR RIVER   2012-08   mixed media varied edition linocut

    LABRADOR ROCKFACE - ANORTHOSITE WALL   2013-26   mixed media varied edition linocut

    Across the Sound III (Bylot Island)   2011   varied edition linocut print, variant I

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  2. Susan Wood(Canadian)

    Opaque Tulips    mixed media, collage on paper

    Yesterday’s Tulips   mixed media on paper

    Reconfigured Tulip(diptych)   mixed media on paper

    Exploding Daffodil   mixed media on paper



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  3. Betty White(Canadian)

    ABOVE AND BELOW   1997

    Chalk pastel on bark paper 

    MEDIEVAL MAN   1989

    Japanese paper, wood, gouache, cotton cloth and charcoal on canvas 

    ALONE   1988

    Japanese paper, gouache and pencil on handmade cotton and manila hemp paper 


    Chalk pastel, charcoal, pencil, Japanese paper and wood on canvas 

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  4. Francisco Castro(Spanish, b.1971)

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    Francisco Castro(Spanish, b.1971)

    PREMIO Ciudad de Alcala de Henares   2011


  6. Pedro Escalona(Spanish, b.1949)

    Rosas 2011    Tabla

  7. Pedro Escalona(Spanish, b.1949)

    Mar     Acrílico Tabla     more

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    Pedro Escalona(Spanish, b.1949)

    Árbol   2010

    Óleo lienzo

  9. YOSHIMOTO Gesso(吉本月荘 Japanese, 1881-1936)

    Torii at Miyajima

    The Moon and Seashore

    Coastal Sunrise

    Red Sunset

    Sunset at Beach

    Mt.Fuji and Lake

    woodblock print   

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  10. YOSHIMOTO Gesso(吉本月荘 Japanese, 1881-1936)

    Iris on the Riverside

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  11. YOSHIMOTO Gesso(吉本月荘 Japanese, 1881-1936)

    Lily and Pagoda

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  12. YOSHIMOTO Gesso(吉本月荘 Japanese, 1881-1936)

    Blue Bird and Asters

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