1. Fernando Varela(Uruguayan/Dominican, b.1951)

    Serie "La Islaaisla"  2003-2005

  2. Endre Bálint(Hungarian, 1914-1986)

    Csendesen /  quietly   1972

  3. Endre Bálint(Hungarian, 1914-1986)

    A földöntúli gyász színe megnevezhetetlen / The indescribable unearthly color of mourning

    (Source: ligetmuhely.blog.hu)

  4. Suzanne Northcott(American)

    Wild Rose

    Gouache and graphite on clayboard panel

  5. Suzanne Northcott(American)

    Nesting 1

    Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

  6. Suzanne Northcott(American)

    Hanging keys

    Mixed media on panel

  7. Suzanne Northcott(American)

    White Nightshirt

    Acrylic and graphite on panel

  8. Michael Raedecker(Dutch/British, b.1963)

    Wrong   2009

    acrylic and thread on canvas

  9. Michael Raedecker(Dutch/British, b.1963)

    echo   2000

    acrylic and thread on canvas

  10. Michael Raedecker(Dutch/British, b.1963)

    voyeur   2007

    acrylic and thread on canvas

  11. Marilyn Browning(British)

    A Pool of Berries

    oil on canvas